An impressionist and contemporary photography project

In this way, more than writing with light, I am painting with light. Becauseone of the defining things that places a photograph as being an artifactdepicting a slice of reality, a copy of reality in a way, is the clarity of the linesand all the details that resemble the thing actually photographed. I wantedto change all that. I wanted something different but sincerely straight fromthe camera. Something that looks like fantasy but is no Photoshop trick.

Transience means ‘impermanence’, the ephemeral of the 10.000 thingsunder the same sky. By its very nature the world is ever changing anddevoid of real substance, subjected to the passing of time that dissolveswhat we consider solid or real. It is a name fitting this project, because theimages themselves depict a world that has no fixed form, in which lightbleeds from one shape to the other.

This has been a long journey and adventure, withover 80.000 images taken and over 40.000remaining in the catalog database. From this, thebest and the best of the best were selected. Itwould have been nearly impossible on film, so it'sall digital. All the colors are obtained by usingspecial filters on the camera lens, then by theusual digital processing, my work as a coloristbeing paramount. There is no photo manipulationwhatsoever, this is all sincere straight purephotography, another key concept… and I have tounderline that this is one of those concepts that Iwish would give rise to that miraculous feeling ofwonderment in regarding my work – how did hedo that….?

Why do we need the sacred toreturn to contemporary art?


Some people confuse the terms ‘contemporary art’ with those of ‘conceptual art’ and somepeople came to believe that visual art today is not valid if not backed up by a long andtedious theoretical discourse on the meaning of the actual image or artifact. Looking at apiece of visual art should no longer be enough, without reading two pages of complicatedtext? What happened to Katharsis, to wonderment, to reading the details of those hoursand years of work of the old masters?

I’m on the side of Tolstoi and Van Gogh, the first condemned the role and purpose of the socalled ‘high art’, which can be understood mostly by the artists themselves and some withspecialized education, bought and enjoyed only by the rich, a closed circle and a class ofsociety in its self, while the latter wanted his paintings in the homes of ordinary people andpeasants, the very people he lived among and painted as characters. His sunflowerpaintings, then unsold, now tens of millions, to be hang above the bed of people like you andme, that can bask in their beauty of color.

Now, contemporary photography has a lot of types of expression, be it social or staged orstudio or landscape – but no matter the genre, all share something: the crisp outlines, theclear texture, the defined edges of the objects of reality. I wanted to do away with all that,to make from a photograph a painting that no longer depicts reality as it is found in anymechanical rendering, by pressing that button of the photo camera.

Moving forward intothe digital age


I believe that photography will mutate and adapt to this fast paced, moreinteractive digital age that already heralds technology such as virtual andaugmented reality. At its heart and origin, photography is two dimensionaland fixed in time as well. Regarding it from the perspective and manyfascinating possibilities of the new mediums, it seems extremely limited.

Already overcome by cinema, in a sense, I think it has to evolve. But bychanging will it become something else or just transform into a simple basictool in order to serve more advanced and complete mediums of expressionthat can transmit much more information and emotion to the personinterested in art or just pure entertainment?

I have always been a visual artist and not just a photographer, though Iused this tool well. Now drawing closer to media art, communicatingthrough different means and using the digital and the virtual which seem tobe the future, all I hope is that this new technology will be put to a higheruse. In a way, we each find the tools to better suite our retelling of our ownpersonal mythical world. That’s what artists should do, to fuel people’sspirits.

About the author


Visual artist skilled in many digital visual areas, specializing in fine art staged and studiophotography, (Ikebana-like fantasy arrangements photographed with artificial lighting),creative photography and impressionist photography using ICM.

For the last five years working at the Transience impressionist project, traveling in differentcities and natural settings in Europe, experimenting and shooting more than 80.000 imagesfor this project alone, with the goal of turning photographed reality into fantasticalpaintings.

Previous experience in visual arts in the field of 3D computer graphics and landscapeenvironments. In late years adding skills in music videos creation (filming, editing) andexperimental short films, along with creative writing, voice-over and sound design.

Awards and honorable mentions at international photo competitions, such as IPA,International Color Awards, Prix du Paris, MIFA, TIFA, Pollux Gala Awards. Group exhibitionsîn America, England, Spain. Solo exhibitions in Romania and Japan. Published ininternational photo magazines such as Silvershotz, Dodho, F-stop, Rangefinder, withselections in national film festivals and abroad.



Photography Awards:

Bronze in Portfolio-Portfolio Fine Art at Moscow Foto Awards 2018
Honorable mention at the Pollux Gala Awards, (fine art category)
2 honorable mentions at Fine Art Photo Awards, 4th edition, 2018 (abstract, fine art)
5 honorable mentions at Tokyo Photo Awards, 2018, (fine art book, other, abstract), 2018
Work selected for ‘Water’ competition/exhibition, London Photo Fest 2018
Third place in Fine Art, Self-Published Book, at International Photography Awards 2012
Honorable Mention at Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2012
Honorable Mention at Color Color Color (Worldwide Photography Gala Awards) 2011
Honorable Mention at Chicago Photo Forum Spring Contest 2010
Honorable Mention at International Photography Awards 2010
Two honorable mentions at Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2010
Honorable Mention in Double Exposure Digital Imaging Competition 2009
1st Place in the Nature-Trees Category and 2nd Place in the Nature-Still Life Category at Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2009
One nominee at International Color Master Awards 2009
Two honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards 2008

Video and CG awards:

Solaris Film Festival, Nice – Selected (short film, experimental)
Feel the Reel International Film Festival - Official Selection (short film, experimental)
Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest – best music video nomination
Short to the Point – official selection
Chicago Amacord Arthouse Television&Video Awards - official selection
Feel the Reel International Film Festival - Official Selection (short film, experimental)
2017 Music Shorts Film Festival - Official Selection (music video)
Los Angeles Cinefest - Semifinalist (music video)
Audience Awards 2107 - Official Selection 2017 (music video)
Transylvania Cinema Awards - Official Selection 2017 (music video)
Finalist in Vue 2006 3D Environment Competition 2007
Two nominees at International Color Master Awards 2007
2nd place in the Vue 2006 3D Environment Competition 2006




Photographize Magazine (online article, feature in magazine)
Circle Quarterly art review (sprint 2018 – online, print)
Conceptual Magazine (online)
Silvershotz Magazine
Dodho Magazine (online)
Capital Cultural Sibiu (online, print) (online)
File Magazine (online )
F-Stop Magazine (online, group shows)
PhotoPaper Magazine ( print )
RangeFinder Magazine ( online & print )
AnimationFocuz Magazine ( print )
It's Art Magazine ( online )
Singh-Ray Blog (online) ( print ) (online)
Foto4All (online) (online)


2 works in the Biennial of Documentary & Fine Art Photography, Barcelona, 2018 (sparkle series)
4 works on digital panels, Reclaim Photo Festival, Wolverhampton Archive Centre and Dudley Archive Centre, 2018
The Portrait – group exhibition at Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, 2017
Wooden Creatures – personal exhibition and video presentation, Takayama City Hall, Hida Takayama Culture and Art Festival / Kodama-Re, September 2013, Japan
Imagined Worlds - personal exhibition, photo & 3D graphics, ArtHub, Bucharest, 2013
Wooden Creatures - personal itinerant exhibition - Sibiu State Philharmonic (Thalia Hall), International Theater Festival, Sibiu 2012; Sibiu City Hall, August 2012; Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest, June 2013
Photo work in group exhibition Foto4All 2011, Carturesti Verona, 2011 , Bucharest Spirit Woods & Minutes – personal
exhibition at M.T.R., Clubul Taranului, Bucharest May 2011; at Sibiu City Hall, July 2011
3D work in group exhibition at the contemporary art exhibition center, HANGAR BICOCCA, 2011, Milano
Minutes & Spirit Woods - personal exhibition at Okian Bookstore, Brasov 2011
Believe Papergirl– group exhibition, Bucharest, 2010
Minutes and Movements - personal exhibition at Centrul Cultural Habitus, Sibiu, 2009
3D work in group exhibition, State Library, Trieste 2008
Emotional Landscapes - personal exhibition at UAP, Deva, 2008