Album Description:

Complete works of the Transience series, a five year project of impressionist fine art photography.

Dream images from a few European capitals, staged portraits of invented and archetypal characters, the Venice Carnival, abstract photos of water and fire creatures.

Painting with the digital sensor. Real photos of unreal constructs.

Album Description:

Photographs of light sculpture figures, staged and shot with ICM. Fantastic unreal forms made of light streaks and particles. Abstract filaments of water and abstract photography. All sparkle from state to state, like quanta.

Transience Series:

Sparkle Dance & Water Abstracts.

Album Description:

Impressionist fine art photographs from the Venice Carnival, including city scenes, crowds and canals, all turned into pastels, and portraits of costume masks transfigured into images akin to paintings. The Carnival more dreamy and mysterious than in reality.

Transience Magic of Venice Series

Album Description:

City scenes from Venice, Paris, Barcelona and other places, turned into impressionist photographs using the ICM technique. Dream like images, ghost-people on the street. I looked for both the abstract and the partially discernable, enveloping scenes in the light that seemed to bleed like vapour.

Transience The City Series

Album Description:

Fine art photography of fantastical characters, staged and shot using the ICM technique. Impressionist portraits in outdoor and city settings. Fantasy characters out of a personal world, a surreal dream of different archetypes and strange supernatural beings.

Transience Dream Portraits Series