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The Moondash Project is a long term artistic manifesto, containing fine art photography that is different in technique and imagination, 3D graphics illustrated in the fantasy landscape genre, including also creative writing texts and poetry, at every step. Video, in the form of music video and photo showreels, is an expanding section, soon to be followed by sound design and interactive mixed media art. Magic is alive.

Transience is all about the magic of making something that looks ordinary into an extraordinary picture. About seeing angels when you know they can't exist. About wandering 'how is that photograph even possible?" About looking graphically excellent. About impressionist series, just like the old paintings of Monet. It's about looking for the photographer's stroke, the lines that traverse an image, like in Van Gogh's intricate background handywork. Colors to try and rival Turner

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[ Digital Photography - Wooden Creatures Gallery ]
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[ 3D Images - Hidden People (zoom) ]


With love in my heart I write this and I would not choose another way.
For the ones who burn and have seen a fleeing spark of the world,
for the ones who hold diamonds in their hearts and not on their fingers,
for the truth speakers, the compassionate, the sensitive seekers of the unknown.
To the unborn and the undying,
to the collective essence that imbues every language and to existence,
which defies any system ever built,
to the ones that pray for the wisdom of others late in the night.
And to those that have chosen the sunny over the dark,
knowing the darkness,
and to the ones who know the secret of any moment:
to wish it had never passed while others wished they saw it passing.
Not only to those who walk the path of their own heart,
I give a small pebble of my being,
leave a slightly glittering trail in my passing.
This is the mover behind what is imagined here.
This and whatever else I left unsaid.
I wrote it again.
This time I copied it.
I saw what was written.
This is what is offered to me.
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