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* started as a project to see the outer world, became an artistic project in search of the inner one


* art and magic are related * invite the experiment * death is right behind your left shoulder right now * only sincere art is a true art form, the rest is marketing


* magic is alive * the art form is the expression of the human being face to face with an mysterious reality that can only be accepted * a photograph should be a perfect matrix, nothing can change afterwards


* at the end we learn to see * true artists are like children * my photography is always about another world, rather than this one * all under the samy sky, welcome




years +



over 70.000 images


to bring you the magic of a few


ICM camera movement trees





About my art

The Moondash Project began about over seven years ago, though the poetry behind it is far older. It is intended as an artistic manifest, but more importantly, chiefly as a means of transmission (as opposed to a regular presentation of portfolio), of passing on light and emotion, questions and some of my personal wanderings.

It strives to achieve a companionship between different forms of expression, those of the written word and the depicted image (be it photography or 3D graphics), to blend in different dreams, ideas and visions, bound up by the old and eternal message of peace and love towards all life.

The images and texts found here are highly connected to nature, introspection, dreaming, walking the one path, trying to better yourself in a world with too little compassion. I find that the kind of environment the current society I live in offers me, tends to drive me closer to nature, to a different way of "altering my eyes" when I look at the world - towards the little things, towards understanding many and different a person that lives beside me.

Although a blending of different art forms is considered advantageous and constitutes a positive aspect, I have tried to do this while keeping different visual expressions true to their original spirit and intent, in a form of purity that sparks ingenuity and that was taken and assumed as part of a personal style and workflow, thus both photography and 3D images suffered as little alteration and mixing of other genres as possible, being true to their designated names.

All the efforts I have put in over the past five years in the field of visual art have taken me on the path of experimenting seldom found techniques, a fact that came to pass not from an intention of compelling others or a desire of intentionally being special from those around me that created images, but from an inner need of an expression that did not find its way in what one might find in modern or contemporary visual styles.

My personal closeness to nature was probably the engine that has pushed me to this point. Starting with poetry, moving to 3D graphics, learning of the proprieties of the materials of objects, of lighting types and of the movements of a virtual movie camera, I built plants and trees that could grow and move in the wind, or generated objects based on fractal algorithms, by the help of different pieces of software, and integrated those elements in fantasy landscape environments, with a surreal personality trait.

Thus, perhaps it was inevitable that in the field of photography I continued to build worlds and make out of materials and textures and structures something different from what the were usually seen to be by most, something apart from the ordinary reality, trying to suggest another reality that is out there in which you can step in. Fascination for nature has lead me to studio work, towards directing,staging and then further on conceptualizing elements in compositions involving flowers and rocks, moss and spirits made from tree bark. Illuminating and combining colors, keeping the photographic process free from digital manipulation techniques have raised difficulties that required a lot of improvisation but also brought the joy of creativity.

My latest project - Transience - is the largest yet, comprising a selection taken from over 70.000 images, all done with the international camera movement technique. By intentionally moving the camera in specific way, I was able to achieve results far above the normal photography shot in this manner. I have explored many themes in cities, nature, characters, abstract, enhancing the impressionistic photgraphic result. Digital impressionistic photography takes time and dedication.

Bio / Merits

Third place in Fine Art, Self-Published Book, at International Photography Awards 2012 ;Honorable Mention at Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2012 ; Honorable Mention at Color Color Color (Worldwide Photography Gala Awards) 2011 ; Honorable Mention at Chicago Photo Forum Spring Contest 2010 ; Honorable Mention at International Photography Awards 2010 ; Two honorable mentions at Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2010 ; Honorable Mention in Double Exposure Digital Imaging Competition 2009 ; 1st Place in the Nature-Trees Category and 2nd Place in the Nature-Still Life Category at Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2009 ; One nominee at International Color Master Awards 2009 ; Two honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards 2008 ; Finalist in Vue2006 3D Environment Competition 2007 ; Two nominees at International Color Master Awards 2007 ; 2nd place in the Vue 2006 3D Environment Competition 2006


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Wooden Creatures– personal exhibition and video presentation, Takayama City Hall, Hida Takayama Culture and Art Festival / Kodama-Re, September 2013, Japan
Imagined Worlds - personal exhibition, photo & 3D graphics,
ArtHub, Bucharest , June 2013

Wooden Creatures - personal itinerant exhibition - Sibiu State Philharmonic (Thalia Hall), International Theater Festival, Sibiu 2012; Sibiu City Hall, August 2012; Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest, June 2013
Photo work in group exhibition Foto4All 2011, Carturesti Verona, 2011 , BucharestSpirit Woods & Minutes– personal exhibition at M.T.R., Clubul Taranului, Bucharest May 2011; at Sibiu City Hall, July 2011, Sibiu
3D work in group exhibition at the contemporary art exhibition center, HANGAR BICOCCA, 2011, Milano
Minutes & Spirit Woods -
personal exhibition at Okian Bookstore, Brasov 2011
Believe Papergirl
group exhibition, Bucharest, 2010
Minutes and Movements - personal exhibition at Centrul Cultural Habitus, Sibiu, 2009
3D work in group exhibition, State Library, Trieste 2008
Emotional Landscapes - personal exhibition at UAP, Deva, 2008

expozitie daniel munteanu wooden creatures
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afis expozitie grafica 3d daniel munteanu deva galeria forma
spirit woods exhibition moondash project sibiu city hall
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